Government / Municipal Services

If you are interested in Echo911 Dispatching, Call Taking, Radio System, CAD Platform, or any other services we offer for Government / Municipal clients, please call 256-888-8911 and ask to speak with Sales. We are currently re-doing this part of our site, as our offerings have grown, and our technology platform is easily tailored to any department big or small.

Echo911 was established to provide Police, Fire, EMS, dispatching but we also handle non-emergency communication needs including but not limited to Water Departments, Street / Public Works Departments, Power Departments, after hours on-call dispatching and much more. We also handle Alarm (Security and Fire) monitoring, fleet monitoring and management, and parolee tracking & compliance.

Echo911 can be contracted to take over all your E-911 needs, or we can fill in as a secondary PSAP or Overflow facility in times of need.

Contact us today to see how we can help provide top of the line services to your community, at a fraction of the cost of traditional government / municipal 911 operated centers.

The Echo911 Mission Critical Digital Radio Platform

Echo911 operates a Nationwide McPTT platform that provides an all digital, all encrypted, secure and reliable communication system covering 98% of the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. You do not have to use Echo911 Dispatch services to join and use our radio platform. Please contact us today to learn more about our radio platform that was built with Public Safety and First Responders as our goal end-users. Fully compatible with FirstNET, and interoperability options with just about any traditional LMR radio system (UHF, VHF, p25, etc). Our platform cheaper than p25, and has many purpose built features missing in p25 radio systems, that were built specifically for first responders.