Technology Has Evolved

Your trusted radios should too


MP22 Public Safety Radio

Military Spec MCPTT

x2 12-hour shifts before next charge

0-80% charge in 30min

Mutes when using car radio

Limits projection when in large groups


Digital Display


Camera (also available on attachable shoulder mic)

National & International Reach

Dual 256-bit encryption

Unlimited Channels + Scanning

USB C Charger + Traditional

Hotspot Capability

The Echo911 MCPTT platform, radios and ecosystem are designed to be the highest quality digital P25 alternative, while still offering true interoperability with existing LMR radio systems. Best of all, our platform and radios have an extremely reasonable capex compared to traditional P25 / NXDN / DMR / TETRA or other digital radio platforms.

Looking for something more simple? Echo911 has you covered!

Dispatch Services

It's clear emergency communications and the people behind the phone are under more pressure than ever before. The problems are so bad, googling "dispatch" or "911" show daily bad press that quickly stirs up uncertainty for communities across the U.S.

  • The National Emergency Number Association reports dispatch centers are seeing 15-20 percent turnover rates

  • An estimated 240 million calls are made to 911 call centers or PSAPs annually

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic has lead to more mental health related 911 calls and in turn has shined a spotlight on the need for better dispatch environments for call takers

Founded and operated by first responders, Echo911 exists to bring solutions to these very problems. Echo911 ensures dispatchers are paid a livable and meaningful wage while also creating an environment where people want to come to work.

Echo911 is licensed secondary PSAP and can serve as a primary answering point. Echo911 was established to provide Police, Fire and EMS dispatching but also handles non-emergency communication needs including but not limited to Water, Power & Utility departments, after hours on-call dispatching and much more.

Additionally, Echo911 is equipped to handle alarm activation, fleet monitoring and management as well as parolee tracking & compliance.

Dispatch Features

24/7 monitoring & dispatch services

Radios can be assigned to individual users or used by multiple personnel

Call logging in Echo911 CAD via 10-8 systems


Record checks (tags, license, SSN)

Custom app development for end clients

Call-taking via a custom local phone number for your agency

Active911 integration

Cost-effective Echo911 radios that fit your budget and needs

Multiple backup dispatching locations that can be activated in times of emergency, should our Huntsville, Alabama location go down

24/7 Reporting

We make reports, recordings, and GPS data available to you 24/7/365

We log and store all radio traffic and GPS data for 365 days. We store CAD reports indefinitely. Users can have instant access to reports by purchasing CAD access which includes an MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) application for your in vehicle computer.


10-8 Systems

Using the latest technology of 10-8 systems, we are able to create CAD reports with the most up to date information and pinpoint precise locations to better help response time and connectivity.

Echo911 works with government and municipal partners to find a price and solution that fits your needs. If interested in Echo911 services, please provide some contact information and we will reach out ASAP!

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