How it Works

The Echo 911 PTT Radio

Our Echo 911 push-to-talk radio is straight-forward and easy to use, while providing you with a rugged design that is built to last in any type of situation.

It features IP54/67 waterproof specifications, and is both dust and shock proof, to help weather whatever conditions you may throw at it.


No Range Restrictions

Our state-of-the-art network radio service uses GSM signal and allows all of our radios to talk to each other, regardless of range. Each radio works with a SIM card that use GSM, 3G, 4G and WiFi signals to guarantee the best connection, sound, and signal no matter where you are.

Private and group calls are available, and your team members can be in different states and still within reach. Each user can check each other’s location (based on their profile), send messages and SOS alerts.

A Secure Connection

Every call, whether it be through GSM, LTE, or WiFi, is routed through a VPDN to our servers through a secure and firewalled connection to ensure the utmost security when it comes to any and all communications.