Private Police

"Responsiveness comes through communication, and for that, we have partnered with an amazing communications provider, Echo911. Echo allows us to truly rise above."

- Axiom Public Safety

"Thank you for your great service and quick customer service replies. You are truly one of a kind."

- San Antonio Patrol Services

Echo911 is a proven asset to private police & security companies nationwide. Our services cover full dispatching and monitoring, talk-around radio service and talk-around emergency monitoring. Below is a brief breakdown of the services. If you have questions or want a custom solution to fit your needs, Echo911 has your back.

Full-Service Dispatch & Monitoring

  • Site call-taking via a custom local number

  • Call logging in CAD via 10-8 systems

  • Record checks (Tags, License SSN

  • Custom app development for end users

  • Multiple backup dispatching locations

  • Active911 Integration

  • 10-8 Systems Reports

*These prices include everything offered under features. An additional $40 per month fee is required to cover 10-8 Systems and Active911 accounts.


Radios assigned to individual user: $54.50 per month

Radios that rotate users or shifts: $115 per month

Talk Around

Echo911 offers bulk radio purchases without dispatch services. Talk Around and Talk Around Emergency packages are available.


Talk Around


per month / per user

Private Channels

 Can talk to radios that have dispatch channels

Talk Around Emergency


per month / per user

Private Channels

Monitor mayday button and dispatch police, fire or EMS if user cannot call 911

There's more to Echo911 services and we are sure you have questions! Our sales team will gladly speak with you. Please fill out this form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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