Radio & GPS: A Marriage That Enables Better Emergency Response

Huntsville, Ala – For most, Radio & GPS are two separate functions or systems entirely. Yes, a man down feature can utilize GPS for some radios and that’s pretty much where that feature starts and ends. Now, when you look at your smartphone, you have a device that can leverage GPS capabilities in several ways. However, first responders and frontline workers don’t always have the time to fiddle with smartphones nor do some users want to take on the liability of using a smartphone on the job. 

Echo911 radios marry unlimited connection range with advanced GPS technology. While pushing a button to communicate is simple enough, today’s communication objectives require more depth and adaptation. Be it a dispatcher at a public safety answering point or a manager using a command console, users can see where radios are in the field, along with information like battery level, vehicle speeds and more.

Taking things a step further, geo-fencing can be used in several ways to help improve communications. For instance, if an emergency event is taking place and responders are being asked to swap to a different radio channel, a geo-fence can be created and as responders pass into the zone, their radios will automatically swap to the preferred channel. As the user leaves the fence, the radio channel will swap back to the original channel they were on.

From a command console, dispatch or a supervisor can communicate directly with specific radios or the entire fleet at once. Not to mention, some Echo911 radios, like the MP22, allow command console users to open the radios camera and mic in the event of an emergency. This allows field users to truly have someone covering their back both visually and audibly. 

A feature loaded Radio-GPS product gives decision makers the perfect field view that allows them to manage assets and communicate effectively. Gone are the days where radio communicators rely solely on audio to achieve their communications objectives.

With access to real-time data, Echo911’s GPS integrations are not only useful in real-time, but can be seamlessly incorporated into incident reports. Information matters and the ability to see and monitor incidents from an eagle-eye view can be a game-changer for reporting methods and incident debriefs with your team. 
If you are interested in learning more about Echo911 and our Radio/GPS/Dispatch capabilities, a member of our team is available to discuss these Mission Critical resources at a more in-depth level. Some municipal partners may even be eligible for free demos. We know, sometimes it sounds too good to be true! Contact: