Our Radio and E-Dispatch products provide a reliable and efficient communication solution for your municipal operations. With the ability to integrate with your existing systems or as a standalone system, our products streamline communication processes, improve response times and enhance overall safety for your staff and citizens.


Run by first responders
for first responders

Do You Want..

  1. Radios that have the farthest reach?

  2. Radios that cost you under 1k per radio?

  3. Radios that carry modern features like gps, remote fixing, video, hotspot/wifi and more?

  4. Radios that don't require towers & costly infrastructure?


  1. Are your dispatchers overloaded?

  2. Struggling to retain them?

  3. Does your small jurisdiction spend too much time on all-things dispatch?

Echo911 can serve as either a secondary or even a primary PSAP. Our dispatchers are paid meaningful wages and enjoy quality of life enhancements, ensuring longevity and consistent communication from our team to yours.

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Echo911 uses in-house software and servers colocated at Equinix facilities, which are the best data centers in the United States.

Equinix facilities boast a 99.999% uptime, which equates to approximately 6 seconds of downtime a week.

Like No Other Platform

Echo911 McPTT roams on 418,887 towers as of December 2022. Coverage you simply can't get with any other platform.

No other PoC, RoIP or PTT product has the range and flexibility of Echo911 McPTT. Echo911 McPTT is also the only McPTT platform that can enable WPA (Wireless Priority Access) across all network partners for government clients.

With other platforms, your WPA is limited to either AT&T FirstNET, Verizon's Frontline, or T-Mobile's FirstResponse network with no ability to roam or connect to other carriers networks in the even of a network outage.

With Echo911 McPTT your radio has access to almost every LTE network, big or small to ensure seamless roaming in even the most remote locations.

Dispatch Features

Dispatching with Echo911 comes with site-specific call-taking, call logging, reports, record checks and even custom app development for end users.

Custom Security Monitoring Packages Available!


Echo911 is willing to work with you and your leadership to bring these solutions to your ranks. We have no problem presenting and demoing capabilities remotely or in person.