Echo911 Billing Terms of Service

Billing Practices & Information: 

Echo911, LLC accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Online (ACH) Check
  • With prior approval, paper checks*

Any returned payments will be subject to a $25.00 fee, charged to us by the bank to investigate the complaint and as outlined by Alabama law.

All billing is handled in the customer portal. We do NOT handle billing over the phone for security reasons. Our staff does not want to handle your billing information, so it is all automated in the customer portal. You have two choices for account billing. We do not accept cash. We do not send out paper bills. All invoices and billing notices are in the customer portal. We do not have the staff level required to send paper bills, or keep up with cash/check payments. Having all payments done online also helps keep our prices low.

Accounts can be setup for two billing methods:

  • Automatic Billing – All accounts by default are setup with automated billing, we will store the credit/debit card/ ACH information provided at checkout and automatically bill your card when invoices are due.
  • Manual Billing – You have the option to turn automated billing off at any time by contacting customer service and requesting automated billing be disabled. HOWEVER please note that we still require a card on file, and reserve the right to bill this card for past due balances. Invoices must be paid by 5pm on the due date, otherwise they are past due and subject to a late fee of $10, and service disconnection.

We operate on a pre-paid model, meaning that you pay for service before we provide it. Failure to pay for an invoice will result in automatic service suspension. If you can not make a payment, please contact our billing dept. using the help desk to get an extension or make other arrangements. This allows us to prevent automated collection attempts.

Invoices are generated by the system 7 days before they are due.  Invoices that are due on a holiday, will be attempted the business day before the holiday. Account credits will be automatically applied to any new invoices.

Late Payment – Invoices are due on the due date shown on the invoice. Service suspension can occur after 5pm on the due date, if no payment has been made. Services that are disconnected are subject to a $30 reconnection fee. Accounts that are limited or suspended, may take up to 24 hours to be re-connected after payment or arrangement is verified. All fees and suspensions are waived, if previous payment arrangements are made before 5pm on the due date of the invoice.