Unveiling the Future of
Mission-Critical Communication

Echo911’s Transformative Initiatives going into 2024

Revolutionizing Mission-Critical Communication: Echo911’s Exciting Developments

In the fast-evolving landscape of mission-critical communication, Echo911 is taking bold strides to lead the industry in security and compliance. We are thrilled to share exciting developments that underscore our unwavering commitment to providing the highest standards of secure communication.

Transitioning to a Secure Linux Kernel

To fortify the security of our radio terminals, we are making a strategic move away from traditional Android operating systems. The transition involves adopting a secure and hardened version of the Linux kernel, exceeding the rigorous benchmarks set by the NIST Secure Software Development Framework, Federal Information Security Management Act, NSA Mobile Device Best Practices, and NIST Mission Critical Push-To-Talk standards.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT), we are aligning ourselves with the resolutions of the U.S. Federal Government. The aim is to phase out MCPTT communication platforms reliant on existing smartphone base operating systems like Android and iOS. This move surpasses previous requirements, positioning Echo911 as a leader in secure and true MCPTT.

In pursuit of these objectives, Echo911 is diligently developing its own mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel. This system is undergoing rigorous testing by third-party certification labs. While we will continue to support end-user mobile devices and implement features inspired by industry leaders Google and Apple like application sandbox and virtualized local environments , our radio terminals will operate on a more robust, security-enhanced platform while still allowing end users the ability to use their mobile devices as additional radio end terminals if allowed by their system administrator and security guidelines.

A significant breakthrough resulting from this transition is the remarkable improvement in boot and signal acquisition times. Thanks to our new Linux subsystem designed specifically for Echo911 MCPTT, the cold boot and network connection time has been reduced from 35 seconds to an impressive 6 seconds. Moreover, with the introduction of a “near-off sleep” state option, Echo911 radios can transition from “off” to “on” in under 3 seconds. This represents a remarkable advancement, making Echo911 the fastest LTE/5G-based MCPTT platform in terms of boot and readiness, surpassing even some traditional LMR radios.

Stay tuned for more detailed insights and demo videos showcasing the enhanced capabilities of Echo911’s secure and high-performance MCPTT solution.

Next Generation of Echo911 MCPTT Platform (2024)

In 2024, Echo911 is set to revolutionize the MCPTT experience with groundbreaking updates to our platform. A brief history of Echo911 MCPTT reveals its transformation from a third-party product to a fully in-house developed platform. Acquiring a PTT platform coding company in 2020 laid the foundation for the next generation of Echo911 MCPTT.

What’s New in Echo911
MCPTT 2024

In-House Development and Security Lab Testing:

The new Echo911 MCPTT platform is developed entirely in-house, featuring all-new code and undergoing rigorous third-party security lab testing. This ensures the highest standards of security and performance.

Compatibility with New Linux Operating System:

Echo911 is rolling out the new MCPTT platform in conjunction with a Linux operating system and subsystems. This integration enhances the overall performance and reliability of our products.

Seamless Transition:

Both the old and new MCPTT platforms will co-exist with a new data exchange gateway developed in house. This allows existing radios on the old platform to seamlessly communicate with the new platform, fostering interoperability and continuity while maintaining the new platform security and integrity.

Integration with Inter-Subsystem Interface (ISSI) and Console – Subsystem Interface (CSSI):

The new platform supports ISSI and CSSI, facilitating integration with APCO P-25 based radio systems. Enjoy features like GPS tracking, group talk, private communication, and instant messaging between Echo911 terminals and existing P25 radios and consoles without the need for an LMR gateway.

Multi-Core Mapping and System Bridging:

Echo911 MCPTT can join multiple P25 cores with core mapping, bridging the gap among various P25 systems simultaneously. This feature will be available on both the hosted platform and the on-premises solution.

Phasing Out Older MCPTT Platform:

Echo911 is committed to meeting evolving security standards and requirements. While we anticipate a full transition over the next 24-36 months, rest assured that your existing Echo911 MCPTT radios will seamlessly integrate with the new platform.

We are excited about the possibilities that these enhancements bring to our MCPTT platform and are confident they will empower you with even more reliable and efficient communication tools.

Innovative Applications and Dispatcher Enhancements

Building on the Linux operating system enhancement and native ISSI and CSSI compatibility with P25 cores, we are introducing a suite of innovative applications that will transform the way you experience emergency response coordination.

Dispatcher Applications Reinvented

  • Dispatcher Console Application for Windows and MacOS (Coming in 2024):
    Our all-new Dispatcher Console Application is a game-changer. Redesigned from the ground up, it offers an intuitive interface, real-time communication tools, and a host of new features you requested, and modules for connecting to CAD and NG-911 information sources.
  • Dispatcher Web Application:
    Introducing the Dispatcher Web Application, a web-based platform that ensures dispatchers can manage critical incidents from anywhere with an internet connection. The application provides flexibility and accessibility without compromising on features, enabling efficient coordination.

Advanced Radio Management System

Our upgraded Radio Management System goes beyond the basics. Dispatchers now have the ability to view connected radio battery percentages, LTE/5G network details, signal strength, latency, packet loss, and more. KML-based layers allow for strategic network steering based on location, overcoming coverage challenges.

Enhanced End User Radio Management

The upcoming Android/iOS mobile companion application empowers end users to control radio settings in real-time via their smartphones. From scan lists to channel settings, users can manage their radios effortlessly, with changes sent OTA for immediate application.

Seamless Connectivity and Network Management

Say goodbye to coverage limitations! The Echo911 MCPTT radios will soon support off-net radio-to-radio communication, and satellite communication testing is underway. Advanced diagnostics ensure radios connect to the best available network in real-time.

Centralized Agency Radio Management Web Application

The new “Agency” radio management web application allows agency technical support to access detailed diagnostic information, issue remote commands for testing, and make real-time OTA changes to radio settings.

User Profile Synchronization

Enjoy a consistent experience across devices. User profiles are now saved on the server, ensuring that dispatcher settings, views, and other features sync seamlessly, whether logging in from a desktop or web application.

These advancements mark a significant leap forward in Echo911 MCPTT’s capabilities, providing unparalleled control, connectivity, and reliability for mission-critical communications. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to revolutionize emergency response systems.


Prepare for a revolutionary leap in communication technology as Echo911 MCPTT proudly unveils its latest innovation set to debut in 2024—the all-new Echo911 MCPTT REST API. This cutting-edge API is designed to empower developers by seamlessly integrating a myriad of functionalities, covering radio management, traffic coordination, dispatch operations, and comprehensive information access into their bespoke applications, services, and websites. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your digital experience and unlock a world of possibilities with our upcoming REST API. The future of communication is here, and it’s in your hands.


Enhanced Hosting Capabilities

We are thrilled to share that the Echo911 hosted platform is currently enhancing its hosting capabilities and fortifying its responsiveness to fluctuations in general internet stability.

In this evolution, we are proud to introduce significant improvements, including the option to leverage the highly secure Amazon GovCloud and Azure for Government cloud platforms. As part of our commitment to elevating performance standards, Echo911 is also implementing an advanced Anycast IP network. This innovative network brings together the resources of seven strategically geolocated data centers, establishing a foundation for unparalleled resilience and responsiveness.

But that’s not all—Echo911 is thrilled to announce a direct 2Gbps fiber link to AT&T’s core network, allowing for seamless and direct communication with FirstNET. This integration further enhances our platform’s capabilities, ensuring swift and reliable connectivity for critical communication needs.

Moreover, our upgraded platform establishes private connections to both Amazon GovCloud and Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, further solidifying Echo911’s commitment to providing the most resilient and reliable Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) solution available. This strategic integration ensures optimal connectivity, minimizing downtime and maximizing failover options.

Stay tuned for the imminent finalization of these advancements, as Echo911 continues to set new standards for MCPTT platforms. We’re dedicated to delivering a solution that exceeds expectations, offering not only cutting-edge technology but also the highest level of availability in the industry. Thank you for your continued trust in Echo911 as we usher in this exciting era of enhanced connectivity, reliability, and direct FirstNET communication.