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MP22 Public Safety Radio


This price is for the Echo911 McPTT model. We do have rental and trade-in options available as well. MP22 dual and triple band radios will launch later in 2023. "Open Standards" model that are not locked to Echo911 McPTT platform can be purchased in Q2 2023 from authorized wholesale providers. If interested in becoming a wholesale partner, please contact us here. 

Public Safety McPTT

Live Video Integration*

Unlimited Channels

Two 12h Shifts, One Charge

Desktop Charger & USB-C Charging

Dual 256Bit Encryption, can not be intercepted or scanned

GPS Location - Accurate within 3 feet (1m) 99% of the time. 

Over-The-Air Channel Programming

Scanning and Priority

Crystal Clear Digital Audio

Coverage You Can Count On

Echo911 McPTT Platform covers 99% of the United States and operates on a growing number of towers. Echo911 McPTT roams on 418,887 towers as of December 2022. Coverage you simply can't get with any other platform.

Echo911 also has roaming agreements in 170+ countries, true world wide coverage.

650+ Networks

With advanced IMSI technology, Echo911 McPTT MP22 Radio automatically figures out the best network at all times based on real-time communication with 650+ networks. If one network goes down, it will find the next best network within seconds to avoid interruption.


Thank you for your interest in the MP22 Public Safety Radio and Echo911. We understand many people have been patiently waiting on our newest, in-house developed radio. On this page you will find an FAQ, order request form and features. Echo911 will be getting a steady flow of MP22 shipments within the first few weeks of February. Clients will have the option to purchase in full, rent radios at a monthly cost or get custom quotes on radio orders of 20 plus.  We appreciate your patience as this undertaking, specifically from a supply chain point-of-view, was no easy task. Getting what we need can be a challenge when mega-corporations seemingly get priority. We hope to be a quality disruption to the status quo very soon.

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MP22 Quote Request

The MP22 comes standard with: 

  • Desktop Charger
  • Antenna
  • 2x Belt Clips
  • 2x Extended Capacity Batteries
  • Power Adapter for charger

Common FAQ's