MPD / Skyline Camera Request Form


Requesting party's information: 

(Must be Property Management, Property Owner, Law Enforcement, District Attorney, etc)

Footage will be emailed to the email address below. If law enforcement, email address must end in .gov


Incident Information:

Please be as specific as possible. Requests for large amounts of time or large numbers of cameras must be approved by management per guidelines. Remember that 15 mins of footage = 60 mins of research/download per camera on average.

Please understand that incidents are managed on a scale of urgency, and video retention time. A murder investigation is 10 of 10, a stolen package is a 1 of 10. Etc. 

Start Time
End Time
Area of Interest (Select all that apply)

Maximum file size: 25MB

You will get an email confirmation of the request within 5 minutes of submitting this form, along with a request # for records. Incidents with a level 8+ urgency will be responded to within 5 minutes. Level 1 will get a response from staff within 24 hours. Level 2-7 will be somewhere from 15 mins to 24 hours depending on details. 

All footage will be sent via a shared download link good for 30 days. All videos are best viewed with VLC media player. Videos are .mp4 and images are .jpg