Radio & Dispatching Services

Full Dispatching Service


$70.00 per radio, per month

*Radios are assigned to individual users

Call-taking via a custom local phone number for your agency

Call logging in our CAD via 10-8 Systems


Records Checks (Tags, License, SSN)

Services Tailored to your Agency!

Custom App Development for End Clients

10-8 Systems CAD Access

$40 per user, per month

All accounts will be assessed a $40/m fee for 10-8 Systems Access.

Each account is required to have a minimum of one 10-8 Systems CAD Access.

*This is required to notify company management when an officer/guard/user is not on duty and a call for service is received for your company. Access to 10-8 Systems also grants access to all current and past CAD records for your company. Feature required for all new users at startup and current users by November 15th, 2022.

Talk Around 


$24 per radio, per month

Private Talk-Around Channels for your company that works on our core network backbone. 

Can talk to radios that have dispatch channels.

Add-On Emergency Monitoring

$16 per radio, per month

Emergency Channel for the Dispatch of Police, Fire, or EMS in situations where you cannot call.

SOS / Man Down emergency activation system

This is an add-on for customers who are not using Echo911 dispatch services and use our Talk-Around / Company Communication plans, and want to add the ability for our dispatchers to intervene in an emergency situation.