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Providing International MCPTT Radio, full-service dispatching, registered PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), RTCC (Real-Time Crime Center), and much more.


Echo911 MCPTT Radio, Dispatch And (RTCC) Realtime Crime Center Monitoring Solutions


Mission Critical Push To Talk


Government Solutions


Private Police & Private Security


Business Solutions


School Security Solutions


Our Flagship MP22 Public Safety Radio.


Satellite Roaming!

Connect Anywhere There’s Open Sky

Echo McPTT Platform leverages 400,000+ towers world-wide and can give government clients WPA (wireless Priority access), along with V-SIM technology to ensure clear, barrier-breaking connectivity. Additionally coming Q3/Q4 2024 our Public Safety line of radios will roam on Starlink (SpaceX) satellites using T-Mobile's for coverage anywhere, anytime, even without traditional signal. Perfect for disaster response, or extreme remote communications! From the middle of Death Valley to the Great Smoky Mountains or even that persistent neighborhood dead zone youll have a connection with the Echo911 Public Safety line of radios.


Fast, Reliable Communication

A professional MCPTT (Mission Critical) radio service that offers instant communication no matter where you’re located.


Nationwide Coverage

No matter where your team members are, they will never be out of reach. Our service is not just national but international, covering over 110 countries, all at one low price.



Our service can handle any amount of users or traffic. Our MCPTT platform can accommodate up to 10,000 radios per channel, virtually unlimited channels, and no limit on simultaneous MCPTT transmissions per network.

Protection Plans Available

Echo911 offers advanced protection plans, including accidental damage protection, which go beyond our standard equipment warranty.

Lost Radio?

Damaged Radio?

Stolen Radio?

24 hour replacement turn around


Like No Other Platform

Echo911 McPTT roams on 418,887 towers as of December 2023. Coverage you simply can’t get with any other platform.

No other PoC, RoIP or PTT product has the range and flexibility of Echo911 McPTT. Echo911 McPTT is also the only McPTT platform that can enable WPA (Wireless Priority Access) across all network partners for government clients.

With other platforms, your WPA is limited to either AT&T FirstNET, Verizon’s Frontline, or T-Mobile’s FirstResponse network with no ability to roam or connect to other carriers networks in the even of a network outage.

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June 9, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that is rolling out a brand-new website, launching on June 10th, 2024! Our team has been working diligently to create a modern, user-friendly experience to better serve our community. We kindly ask for your…


Echo911, LLC Acquired by Prism Logic, Inc.

March 1, 2024

We are excited to share that as of today, March 1st, 2024, Echo911, LLC, a distinguished pioneer in digital communications technologies, has been acquired by Prism Logic, Inc. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and the services…


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To start service with Echo911, please refer to the 'How to Establish Echo911 Service' page. It provides detailed information on establishing services with Echo911, with specific instructions based on your agency or company type.

Echo911 does not offer payment plans. We recommend contacting your local bank or credit union to establish a line of credit if financing is needed.

Yes, Echo911 can assist clients ranging from a single unit to thousands of units. We offer plans and services that cover a wide gamut of options.

Echo911 will request detailed information to provide the most comprehensive service and response to your needs. Given the range of verticals and industries we cover, any requested information is vital. This ensures we connect you with the best contact within Echo911 to assist with your queries and gain a thorough understanding of your needs to properly assist you.

Echo911's headquarters are in Huntsville, Alabama, with two consolidated dispatch centers: one in the Huntsville Metro Area and one in the Birmingham Metro Area. While our physical presence is limited to Alabama, our products and services are available globally in over 110 countries. Our dispatching services are offered across all 50 United States.

The answer to "Do I get my own private dispatch channel?" depends on various factors. Echo911 offers multiple levels and types of dispatch services. Primarily, it depends on the type of business or agency you are connected to.

For government-run public safety agencies, most will have their own secure dispatch channel. However, some may use a regional metro channel shared by multiple agencies in one geographic area.

For private businesses (such as Special Police, Company Police, Security, Transportation, etc.), it depends on the level of service requested and contractual agreements. Some agencies may opt to save money by using a shared dispatcher program, where dispatch services are fractional across multiple agencies. Others may choose to pay for dedicated dispatchers and private dispatch channels.

All these options are decided during the setup process with Echo911, where multiple options and price points are provided to choose from during the sales and onboarding process.

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